5+ Best Youtube to MP3 Converters

Getting the right Youtube to MP3 converter will help you save  audio from YouTube as simple as 1,2,3. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can download your chosen audio and then save it in an MP3 format, ready to transfer and play on any music device. 

There are many different tools and websites that claim to be the best, but who can you really trust? Some are riddled with malware that will display unwanted ads across your computer monitor, while others are packed with annoying time sensitive delays. 

We've been on the look out for the best software tools, both free and paid. Most have a free trial but to get the best features you'll need to upgrade. This costs $10 - $30. 

Converting Youtube to MP3 allows you to listen to music offline whenever you like. YouTube Premium is an expensive monthly subscription service that isn't suitable for everyone so having another alternative is a smart idea. 

Please note you should only download audio content that you have permission too. YouTube's terms of service make's it clear you're prohibited from unauthorised use. 

If converting audio from Youtube to MP3 sounds time consuming, then why not purchase a music streaming service such as Spotify, Google Music or Apple Music? You'll get high 320kbps quality and can also download and listen offline. 

The Best Youtube to MP3 Converters

1. Any Video Converter

  • Price: $49.95/$54.95
  • Quality: Up to 320kbps
  • OS: Windows, Mac
  • Tag Editor: Yes

​Any Video Converter enables the conversion of videos to any type of file format. It is able to be downloaded from the internet for free and has no ads, malware or spyware.

It also enables the ripping and extracting of audio files including tracks from CDs and background music and other sounds from videos. Videos can be converted to audio files or downloaded from websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Sound,cloud, Facebook, etc, and converted to any format.

This enables them to be burned to DVDs, delivering a high-quality output that burns quickly to allow the creation of personal DVDs to enjoy via DVD player in your own home.

With HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding), videos are able to be compressed to half their size without compromising on visual quality. This also increases the video conversion speed.

The program can be used to edit and personalise videos by trimming, cropping, rotating and merging videos to create the perfect video. While there is a free download available, users can purchase Any Video Converter Ultimate for access to more features to enhance their video converting experience.

This costs $49.95 (normally $59.95) for Windows and $54.95 (normally $59.95) for Mac. Extra features available include screencasting and recording anything on your screen, use on devices such as iPads, iPhones and Android, and conversion of videos to over 200 formats across numerous devices. 

2. 4K Youtube to MP3

  • Price: Free/$15/$25
  • Quality: Up to 320kbps
  • OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
  • Tag Editor: Yes

4K Youtube to MP3 allows users to seamlessly convert videos and audio from various websites to a variety of file formats in order to keep them for future use.

Websites include popular music sites like YouTube, Soundcloud, Facebook and VEVO, and file formats include MP3, OGG and MP4. It is then simple to transfer the files to devices such as iPhones and iPads to listen on-the-go.

Audiobooks are also able to be downloaded to be read offline. Single files or subdirectories can hold whole playlists and channels from websites, and the audio quality isn’t compromised by the conversion to file format.

High quality content makes for a great user experience.Download videos that have been banned for viewing your area by using an in-app proxy server to change your IP. Multiple languages are supported to suit a wide audience.

The program is compatible with Windows, Linux or macOS, and is free to download.
Access extra features by downloading a 4K Youtube to MP3 Premium licence for $15 that can be used on 3 computers.

These features include no ads, and unlimited downloads for playlists, channels, YouTube downloads and audiobooks. A bundle is also available to download that includes the company’s 2 other programs for $25 and can also be used on 3 computers.

This includes 4K Stogram (download videos and photos from Instagram) and 4K Video Downloader (download videos from YouTube). 

3. Bigasoft Video Downloader Pro

  • Price: Free/$59.99
  • Quality: Up to 320kbps
  • OS: Windows, Mac
  • Tag Editor: Yes

Bigasoft Video Downloader Pro is an online video converter which enables users to download online videos and audio to view on personal devices like computers, phones, iPads and TVs.

Users can save the videos to convert to multiple file formats like MPG, AVI, MOV, MP4, etc. The audio extracting feature means users can enjoy music from videos online by downloading and converting so that they can add the file to their own devices.

Downloads can be made from majority of popular music and video websites such as Vimeo, YouTube, Break, Dailymotion, etc. Video downloads and conversions can be done in batches so that multiple files are created at once, saving users time.

It is simple to convert videos by pasting a URL address, selecting the profile of conversion and clicking to download. Batch downloads are equally simple by just pasting multiple URLs.

The program supports high video quality and users can choose which level of quality is their preference to view videos in. This ensures video conversion quality is at a standard suitable for the viewer.

It also supports recording of video and audio online while users are watching or streaming through built-in application ‘VideoRecord’. A free download is available for users to try the program before they purchase.

The paid version offers unlimited video downloads and conversions and costs $59.99.The program is compatible with Windows versions 2000 and onwards. 

4. Youtube Music Downloader

  • Price: Free/$29.95
  • Quality: Up to 320kbps
  • OS: Windows
  • Tag Editor: Yes

YouTube Music Downloader allows users to download and convert online videos and audio to a variety of file formats for personal use offline. Once the downloader has been installed, it is simple to visit the site where the desired video is located, copy the website URL and paste it into the allocated section.

Options are available to choose from such as conversion format and where the file will save, and once these are selected, users only need to click the download button to begin the process.

No knowledge regarding technology is required and the minimal steps makes the process easy to follow and carry out. All popular music websites are supported such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Veoh, Google Video, etc, covering over 60 million online videos for users to access and save.

Once the download has taken place, the file will be located where the user selected, and this can be transferred to any desired device such as an iPhone or iPad for users to enjoy on-the-go at their leisure.

Users can download multiple videos without compromising on the video quality or the speed of the download. If downloads happen to be interrupted by internet connection loss, they will resume where they had paused once internet connection is restored rather than having to restart.

To download the program and begin converting online videos, it costs $29.95.

5. MediaHuman Youtube to MP3 Converter

  • Price: Free/$9.99
  • Quality: Up to 320kbps
  • OS: Windows, Mac, Web App
  • Tag Editor: Yes

Media Human is an online video converter where users can download video and audio content from popular websites to have access to offline.

When downloading, the content can be saved as a MP3 file or kept in its original form of M4A/AAA to save on the computer depending on preference.

As a result of being able to be saved in original form and not converted, quality will not be lost and download time is reduced. It is easy to use, with users simply having to copy the URL of the website that the video is playing to the program in the ‘paste URL’ section.

It is then added to the list of items downloading where users can track their downloads and see how they are progressing. Content can be saved as an entire playlist or individual track from websites that allow music and video streaming such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo, VEVO, etc.

Downloads can be exported to iTunes for viewing or listening on iPhones and iPads, and the program is compatible with Windows, macOS and Ubuntu. The program is compatible with all versions of Windows, macOS and Linux and requires 40mb of hard drive space to be downloaded.

It is free to download, and a $9.99 turbo boost upgrade is available.

Using tag editor, the program automatically saves the track title and artist’s name to the file of the download, however this can be changed if necessary. 

What To Look For In YouTube to MP3 Converter?

When you're looking for the best software to convert those videos into MP3, one of the first things to consider is how many videos you'll be converting.

If it's only one or two then you'll probably be better using an online website instead. These are usually riddled with ads and can be annoying. If it's more than a few it's worthwhile downloading a Windows or Mac OS desktop application.

Desktop software is usually faster as the data isn't being routed to a third party location before downloading, however those in New Zealand will have fast internet connections so this usually isn't too much of a hassle. 

Desktop software applications help you to convert multiple files at once, in batch. 

Be careful though, lots of Youtube to MP3 software is junk and includes malware and other ads that will drive you insane. It's worth knowing free trials usually have limited features so purchasing a premium subscription is your best option. 

Some software apps allow you to convert other sites as well. In fact some even allow you to convert files to MP3 from over 100 sites such as Vimeo, Facebook and Instagram.

Best YouTube to MP3 320kbps Converter

All the software vendors mentioned here today offer YouTube to MP3 downloading capabilties of 320kbps. This is the highest quality available and is the default standard for major music videos, as well as in use on sites such as Shopify and Google music.

You should note that the download you receive is subject to the original upload quality. You are able to tell what this by looking at the YouTube settings icon.

If it's 128kbps or 196kbps then when you convert, despite the file name claiming to be 320kbps, it will actually be a far lower audio quality. 

YouTube to MP3 Chrome Extension

There's now Google chrome extensions that help you on your quest to convert MP3 from YouTube however it's unlikely they will be published on the Chrome store.

Google owns this platform and there's many people who use MP3 downloaders for copyrighted content, so these types of apps are banned on Google Chrome.

You can always find a third party extension and upload this into your browser using developer mode, but exercise caution and use at your own risk. 

Best Youtube to MP3 Online Tools

There's literally hundreds of online tools to help convert YouTube to MP3 files.

We couldn't possibly list the best as they come and go regularly due to pressure from YouTube and other companies as they are notorious for converting known copyright-protected files and profiting from this practice by serving up ads to downloaders.