Best VPN For Chromecast In New Zealand

Are you looking for guidance on how to get your Chromecast working when casting content from your computer to the TV? 

We'll show you the best VPN for Chromecast setup in New Zealand. 

Picture this, you buy a VPN and get it working on your laptop, get the geo-blocked content working, attempt to cast it to your Chromecast and, it doesn't work?

Many websites will convince you that any VPN can work with Chromecast, but this is a huge lie, they simply want your money! 

After months of research, I'll show you the best VPN for Chromecast that actually works! 

best vpn for chromecast nz

The Problem!!

When you cast to Chromecast, the device use's it's own connection to go out to the web to connect to the stream, thus bypassing your computer and using your router's IP which is not on the VPN and is located in New Zealand. 

The website where your stream is, notices the foreign IP address, blocking you! 

So you need a VPN for the Chromecast, which you can't actually install as there's no physical user interface, like you'd have on an android TV. 

But there is one quick solution, VPN router based.

What is VPN Sharing?

When devices can't run VPN software such as Google's Chromecast, you can change some internet settings on your own laptop, phone or computer to allow a second or third device to connect to the VPN using your internal network. 

You need a router level VPN setting. This means all devices on your network use this configuration including your Chromecast. 

Below I'll show you exactly how to do this step-by-step. 

Best VPN For Chromecast

  1. PureVPN - Powerful, robust and always works
  2. Surfshark - Affordable, lots of servers 
  3. ExpressVPN - Popular but expensive!

It's the only three VPN providers this method works with, and has been tried and tested by our team here in the office and in our homes. 

How To Setup VPN on Chromecast

You need to install the VPN on your router, which means all devices within your home with use the VPN connection, not just the Chromecast. 

Don't worry though, you can set rules so only certain traffic uses the VPN whereas other traffic uses your default configuration. 

You will however need a specific router in order to do this. You need to ensure your router supports PPTP or OpenVPN protocols. 

Easiest way is to go to Google and search the model + brand of your router and then check the manual to see if those two protocols are supported. 

Make sure you get a PureVPN subscription then you can search for your router on their website here, and follow the instructions to installing this. 

This is pretty easy to setup and requires a couple of changes in your router. Your internet will continue to work during this process. 

Start Using Your Chromecast

Once this is setup in your router, a quick reboot will ensure your traffic is now using the PureVPN network, allowing all your devices within your household to watch geo-blocked content including your Google Chromecast. 

If you have any issues during the setup you can reach out to PureVPN support, who are available on live chat 24/7/365. 

You then need to 'Connect to your router' with the Chromecast. 

This will allow you to cast from other devices within your WiFi network. Great, sites such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix USA, Hulu and HBO plus thousands more will now work. 

Plus your local sites such as TVNZ will continue to work as per normal.