5+ Best Quad Biking Tours in New Zealand

What better than the best quad biking tours in New Zealand to show you the hidden gems of this stunning country? Go where no walking tour or bus tour can go, with a quad bike to take you over the rough terrain and natural obstacles. 

Not only will a quad bike take you to the hard to reach places in New Zealand, but it's a far more exhilarating and exciting way of travelling around the countryside. 

Whether you're looking for a safe track to accommodate the whole family, or you're a dare-devil looking for a challenging ride, these tours have something to offer any visitor. 

Ride like a local through trickling streams, dazzling beaches, uneven forest floors and even steep, grassy mountains, all of which can be taken in on these top 5 quad biking tours!

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Best Quad Biking Tours NZ

1. The Cardrona

  • Location: Wanaka
  • Price: From $249
  • Contact: 03 443 1228 

The Cardrona are the only company who provide quad biking tours in Wanaka, New Zealand. They are perfect for the whole family including both amateur and experienced riders.

Quad bikes are the ideal way to explore the gorgeous New Zealand scenery as some areas can only be accessed this way, and the current blue Yamaha 350cc bikes provided will allow riders to experience their journey in comfort and style.

Group sizes require a minimum of two riders, but individual riders can be added to a waitlist until other riders select the same tour. There are currently 2 tours on offer: the mountain experience and the river run.

The mountain experience costs $249 and goes from 10am until 1pm. This ride is for riders 16 years and older and offers stunning views of the New Zealand mountains with riders facing different types of landscapes and terrains that makes for an exciting and challenging ride as they climb to the very top of the mountain.

The river run costs $149 and departs at 8:30am, taking approximately 1 hour. It is suitable for ages 6 and up with a range of different bikes available. The ride can be tailored to the family’s level of ability to ensure a smooth and fun experience by all that includes riding crossing the river.

Departure times are flexible for small groups. The company also offer horse rides throughout Cardrona.

2. Across Country Quad Bikes

  • Location: Franz Josef
  • Price: From $180 
  • Contact: 0800 234 288 

Across Country Quad Bikes offer quad biking tours in the isolated Franz Josef Village of New Zealand. This stunning location is smack bang in the middle of the Southern Alps of the South Island’s West Coast and allows for amazing views of the Franz Josef Glacier and adjacent mountains.

Riders will experience a variety of terrains including beaches, grassland, rainforest and the glacial riverbed which provides for a thrilling and fun quad biking trip.

With experienced tour guides and impressive quad bikes, riders are in for the adventure of a lifetime. Tours are suitable for all levels of experience and riders must be 16 years or more, however passengers can be as young as 8.

There are 2 tours available: the adventure tour and the beach trip.  In the adventure tour, riders adventure through river, rainforest and grassland terrain with glacial views in the background.

Tours operate during Summer at 9am, 12pm, 3pm and 5:30pm, and in Winter at 10am and 2pm. The tour takes 2 hours and up to 1 hour and 30 minutes of that is on the quad bike. It costs $180 for a rider and $80 for a passenger.

The beach trip also offers glacial and mountain views but instead while biking through bush and beach terrain. This trip takes 4 hours and inquiries can be made via the website for pricing and trip times.

Other experiences can be bundled with the quad biking tours and these include sky diving, helicopter flights and scenic plane flights. 

3. Off Road Queenstown

  • Location: Queenstown 
  • Price: From $219 
  • Contact: 03 442 7858  

Off Road Queenstown have been offering quad biking tours in New Zealand’s Queenstown for the past 25 years. Their plethora of expertise ensures riders of all levels of experience have a thrilling and enjoyable, but most importantly, safe adventure through the stunning and unique landscape that Queenstown has to offer.

Trails include mountain climbs, crossings of creeks, berms and jumps, and there is over 11,000 acres to explore.  The quad bikes available are Suzuki Sports Quads which are ideal for the fast-paced, action-packed journey that awaits riders on these adrenalin-pumping tours.

These range in power from the 50cc (perfect for kids) to the 250cc, or for an extra $50 riders can upgrade to the powerful 400cc bike.

Tours are tailored to suit the experience and preferences of the groups, and the guide to rider ratio is a maximum of 1 to 6 at all times. A minimum of 2 people are required to make a booking but individuals can join already booked tours.

The Explorer tour costs $219 and operates at 9am and 1pm, consisting of a 1-hour ride along the Kawarau River and a climb to explore the Nevis mountain range. The Adventure tour cost $289 and also operates at 9am and 1pm with a duration of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Exclusive tours are priced from $365 per person, go for up to 1 and a half hours and can be booked at whatever time suits the group. 

4. Taupo Quad Adventures

  • Location: Taupo 
  • Price: From $125 
  • Contact: 07 377 6404  

Taupo Quad Adventures is a quad biking tour company that operates in Lake Taupo, New Zealand. Their tours are suitable for all experience levels and explore a wide range of trails with differing scenery and spectacular views that will appeal to all adventure seekers.

The Sportrax Safari sees riders upon the powerfully sleek Suzuki L TZ 2WD 250cc quad bikes as they zoom through the New Zealand bush that is sure to provide a challenging and fun adventure day out.

Tour durations options include 1 hour for $125, 2 hours for $180 or 3 hours for $240, with all prices per person. Riders do not require a licence, and helmets and gloves are provided, with gear for wet weather available to be hired if need be.

Long pants and closed shoes are recommended. This activity is suitable in any weather, so riders need not be deterred by rainy days! It is the perfect option for families looking to fill in an undesirable weather day!

Riders must be 9 years or older and can select a 90cc Honda quad instead of the 250cc if preferred. Children under 9 are able to travel as passengers with competent riders. Full instruction and training are provided prior to the trip so no experience is necessary.

Quad bike tours can be combined with paintball games that are also run by the company. 

5. Quad Bike Expeditions

  • Location: Wainuiomata 
  • Price: From $229 
  • Contact: 0800 948 6386 

Wellington Adventures is a quad biking tour company that provides thrilling adventure tours in Wellington, New Zealand.

The shortest available tour goes for 1 and half hours and costs $179 per person.

It consists of a mountain climb where riders will have views of 360 degrees at the mountain summit. The half day tour costs $229 per person and allows riders to climb glorious mountain peaks which provide stunning views of the South Island’s Kaikoura Mountains as well as Wellington’s picturesque city and harbour.

A variety of terrain will be experienced including forest and coast, giving riders a challenging and fun adventure across the 3 hours of the tour. A guide is present at all times, and lunch and lookout stops are scheduled to give riders a chance to catch their breath and soak up the spectacular views.

The one-day tour costs $329 per person and riders should allow 8 hours for this amazing tour where they will experience a coastal trail that takes them past Seal Colony, all the way to Wairarapa.

Highlights include riding across landslides and spotting mountainside crevasses as well as climbing up the mountains to experience breathtaking views.

The 2-day overnight tour starts at $369 per person and allows riders to experience extra riding and picturesque countryside as well as snorkelling and surfcasting.

There are accommodation options to suit every budget.  All tours include snacks and drinks and/or lunch for longer trips as part of the tour package.