Best Penis Enlargement Pills NZ To Get A Bigger Penis Review

So you want a bigger penis? I don’t blame you, most men want to be bigger than they actually are, unless you’re one of the small minority that already have a huge penis.

Yeah, like this guy who’s penis is insured for a million dollars.

There is so much mis guided information online about the best penis enlargement pills that most men have no idea what works and what doesn’t, which ones are scams and ultimately which are the best penis enlargement pills to buy online.

best penis enlargement pills nz

Are you struggling with your sex life? Maybe your performance isn’t as good as it once was, or tired of your girlfriend, wife or one night stands commenting on your below average penis size?

My Small Penis Problem

I’ve been the same position as you, that was me a few years ago. I loved going out on Tinder dates, hitting up the clubs and meeting new women. Unfortunately despite having a lean body, well formed abs and smooth moves, I was always cautious of my biggest problem.. my 5 inch penis.

5? That’s not small you might be saying, or it’s how you use it, not the size of it.

These are myths. Size clearly does matter or else you wouldn’t be reading this article.

For me, it’s one thing pulling the hottest girl in the club but when it comes to taking her home and undressing in the bedroom, having a small penis simply wasn’t working for me or them. It was putting me down, lowering my confidence and my self esteem.

It wasn’t until a girl started laughing at me and tried to take a snapchat of it alongside a pencil that I finally said enough is enough. Yes, it’s harsh but true.

I had to do something about it.

After watching several porn tube sites I kept seeing ads for penis enlargement tools such as penis pumps, horny powders and dick stretchers which looked great but their sales pages came across as down and out scams.

I saw ads for Ron Jeremy telling me to buy his magic pills too.

After searching for reviews online everyone said that stretchers simply do not work or can cause severe damage to your penis if you over stretch which can cause devastating effects.

I wanted to improve my length but not risk damaging my crown jewels for life.

Next a friend recommended trying some male enhancement pills but he was unsure which ones his girlfriend bought him. He’d used a brand she found at his local Chemist but they were no longer stocked. I wonder why? Maybe they didn’t work..

Another friend recommended using penis sleeves and I had to LOL at that, why would I put my own penis into a fake penis and how would I get any satisfaction from that?

I decided to start looking around for the best penis enlargement pills in New Zealand.

After months of testing and research I’ve documented the results.

Questions I initially asked myself were things such as, do penis pills really work, is there any side effects with penis pills or can you die from taking penis pills and all of the above were mere myths on the internet. Of course they work, or else you’d just request a refund and get your money back, right?

Best Penis Enlargement Pills NZ

Male Extra NZ

After months of testing different penis enlargement pills the company I chose to use (and still use) is called Male Extra and they offer one of the leading male enhancement products in the New Zealand market.

The product offers a powerful blend of clinically backed, natural ingredients to increase blood flow to the penis giving users bigger, longer, harder and more explosive erections and orgasms you probably have never experienced before.

Compared to standard male enhancement pills on the market their product offers double the dosage over competitors so you know you’re getting the most potent, value for money, penis pills you can buy for the price.

Unlike other brands, the bottles look amazing and you’re probably thinking the same, quality is definitely something you should consider when buying male enhancement products online, especially over the internet.

After testing their products for 30 days I noticed that penis length increased to around 1.5cm when erect which is a significant improvement compared to my previous experiences without using Male Extra NZ.



This is an Australian brand that ships to New Zealand within 7-10 days free of charge and seems to be promoting themselves on Google a lot lately. I found them via an Advertorial and decided to purchase their male libido enhancer tablets which cost $49.95AUD a bottle.

They claim to offer an increased 1.25cm on penis length and when erect you can notice improvements up to 2.5cm. This is due to the increased blood flow to your erectile area. It’s a pretty bold claim and during my one month of using their tablets noticed an increase in size on average of 0.5cm.

I noticed my sex life was improving too, I was hornier and more dominant in the bedroom too. My long term girlfriend by the time I started testing these pills also noticed my raging bull attitude in the bedroom using the Orviax pills.

It’s important to note that the results obtained by me may not be the same as those experienced by you. Different people react in different ways and may or may not work for you too. Buy at your own discretion.



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