Best Mattress In A Box (New Zealand)

Are you thinking of buying a mattress in a box?

Maybe you've never heard of the term, but over the ditch in Australia there are dozens of companies offering these types of mattresses, and they are slowly making their way over to New Zealand.

Right now there are four major players in the boxed mattress space, and many more retailers selling smaller brands and those you may never have even heard of before. 

After many years of using these memory foam mattresses that are vacuum sealed and compressed into a box, suitable for 2 people to carry, I decided to document five of the best mattress in a box providers in New Zealand. 

Best Mattress In A Box NZ

All these mattresses are recommended however each offer their own pros and cons. Many offer discounts, coupons, deals and cashbacks so be sure to check the website for the best deal before checkout. 

1. Ecosa Mattress

  • Established brand
  • 100 night trial
  • Three foam layers

From Ecosa NZ you can purchase the complete bedding package: mattress, topper, pillows and cases, and bamboo bedding, all packed and delivered in an easy box to your door for free!

The company was formed in 2015 in Australia and is now in New Zealand. It prides itself on producing eco-friendly bedding products with a small environmental footprint. ‘

Saving the world from bad sleep’ is the brand’s motto and mission statement.

The mattress is simply wonderful.

It consists of three separate and different foam layers with a waterproof inner cover and removable outer cover. The thick base foam layer provides ergonomic support foam to fully align your spine, support your pressure points and isolate you from any partner disturbance.

The second layer is an open-cell foam memory foam which is breathable for temperature and moisture control and super durability.

The upper memory foam layer is infused with gel particles for both superior comfort support and even more temperature management with a thermostat type action.

You’ll never feel too hot or too cool sleeping on an Ecosa mattress. All the materials used, particularly those near your skin, are CertiPur certified, naturally gentle and environmentally responsible.

The mattress is available in eight sizes from standard Single to the huge California King.

This mattress can be placed on any surface, from the floor (beware of moisture build-up) to a slatted, box spring or adjustable base.

Enjoy a 100-night free trial to ensure that you are happy that the mattress does indeed suit you.

Returns are free and are picked up by and donated to the company’s charity partners. You’ll also receive a 15-year warranty (it’s ‘limited’ so read the fine print).

And to complement the mattress you can purchase quality bedding accessories. Check out the website to find the superior products available from this highly reputable company.

To complete the picture, the price of a Queen mattress from Ecosa at the time of writing is $1,099. 

  • Tested by Consumer NZ
  • 35 night trial
  • Three distinct layers

Owned and operated by a local New Zealand family, Napp has been around since 1978 and they know what they are doing.

They moved into the online ‘mattress in a box’ bedding sector in the very early days after being satisfied that these mattresses were indeed a quality reliable product, not just a fad.

Their mattresses are made from top quality Joyce Foams, Australasia’s leading and most technologically advanced foam manufacturer. The mattresses are now all designed and made in New Zealand.

Napp mattresses are made from three separate layers of foam: on the base is a firm high-density foam support core which separately supports each sleeper on the bed and reduces disturbance from each other and is highly durable.

The layer above that is a gel-infused memory foam which moulds to your body, aligns your spine and thereby reduces the impact on pressure points. It also increases blood circulation and allows breath-ability for temperature regulation.

The top layer is very much focused on temperature control and sleep comfort with a temperature managing memory foam which cradles your body all night and dissipates heat and moisture.

The foam is hypo-allergenic and environmentally friendly. And, of course, there is a cover between you and these foam layers which is a breathable stretch knit which can be easily removed for washing.

Overall, the mattress supports and comforts your body to reduce aches and pains, and relieve existing back, shoulder and neck issues. The design is for a Medium mattress feel – not too soft, not too firm.

The company also sells electric adjustable beds.

Price-wise a Queen size Napp mattress is currently marketed for $1,150.


  • Established brand
  • 100 night trial
  • They sell other brands

Mybed is the online branch of Furnco Ltd, a New Zealand bedding company which has been operating since 1990.

Mybed sells ‘mattresses in a box’ directly to customers throughout NZ with a stated commitment to value, quality and service.

Mybed doesn't design or manufacture the mattresses it retails but buys directly from the best international manufacturers to get the best quality and value for money.

The significant point of difference with Mybred is their commitment to innerspring (pocket springs which move independently from each other) mattresses as opposed to the memory foam only variety, unlike many box mattress retailers.

Their explanation around this preference is really that foam alone cannot meet the needs of all customers.

That the inclusion of pocket springs provides greater flexibility and in fact provides greater posture support through appropriate 'zoning', less partner disturbance whilst still being soft enough to be comfortable edge support, and significantly greater breathability. 

Their arguments are very convincing.

The Mybed mattresses in a box are a combination of pocket springs and foam and there’s quite a bit to them.

They use zoned pocket springs to provide edge support, improved middle body alignment, as well as separate individual support to limit partner disturbance.

There are several different foam layers between the spring base and the top of the mattress. The Euro top is a heavily padded foam connected directly to the spring base to keep the mattress' shape.

Above that is a medium density polyurethane foam layer which serves as an isolator between the springs systems and the foam closer to the top of the mattress.

Then there is an egg-carton styled waved foam layer to increase the shaping and contouring of the memory foam to your body shape.

High-density plush 'reflex' foam, similar to memory foam, is then used to provide a truly supportive and contoured layer with ‘bubbles’ which compress with body pressure and rebound.

And finally, foam comfort layers sewn directly onto the edge are provided as the top layer of the mattress itself, while the topper is a semi-detached moveable foam pillow to cradle and maintain the temperature comfort of the body through the night.

The latex foam is hypo-allergenic and its closed cell structure reduces dust retention. It’s also durable for a long life.

The mattresses are available in Single through to King, and bases are also available. Take advantage of the 100-night free trial and use Oxipay for 4 easy interest-free payments. Delivery is free, as are returns. The company also gives you a 10-year warranty.

A mid-range Orion Queen size Mybed mattress will cost you around $999, although there is currently a sale on and this mattress has been marked down to $799.

There is quite a range to select from in terms of price.

  • Good spinal support
  • 120 night trial
  • Three distinct layers

Winkl is a proud New Zealand company with a proud list of promises to its customers. Offering the ‘popular’ and the ‘lux’ Winkle’s mattresses are all about balanced comfort and support.

Both are foam mattresses but the Lux offers a higher level of each.

The basic profile of a Winkl mattress is a three-layer system of different foam types. The base is a thick firm foam to provide support, the second is a Winkl-flex foam for relief of pressure point aches and pains, and the third is a contouring memory gel layer for form-fitting comfort and spinal alignment.

The comfortable and breathable cover is removable for easy washing.

The ‘popular’ has a 10-year warranty, while the ‘Lux’ warranty is 15 years. The Lux also has a significantly higher percentage of each layer's thickness.

It also features zoned support for better spinal alignment, infused charcoal for odour, microbial and temperature control, and a plush outer cover for increased comfort against the body.

The mattress can be placed on any flat surface (platform frame, slatted base, divan etc) but probably not directly on to the floor.

Purchase a pillow or two while you’re at it – soft and supportive in any position.

Winkl offers a 120-day free trial, with free returns and a full refund. Shipping (next day whenever possible) is also free to any location. 


The Winkl mattress Queen size popular is currently priced at $1,150.

  • Tested by Consumer NZ
  • 35 night trial
  • Three distinct layers

Nido NZ is a proudly New Zealand owned and operated mattress in a box company with a catchy tagline: the whole is far greater than the sum of the parts.

Nido’s mattresses are an all-foam design in four layers. The thick base is a durable support foam for a long-life mattress.

Above that is a layer which is progressively supportive to minimise partner disturbance and increase airflow through the mattress.

Then there’s a contouring foam layer to support and align your spine and to prevent and provide relief from pressure point aches and pains. And on top of all that is an open-cell foam layer with optimum airflow and cloud-like comfort.

The mattresses can be placed on any flat surfaces, whether a bed base or the floor.

The mattresses are designed for the ‘average’ sleeper – the medium firmness which suits the majority of us.

It will suit any type of sleeping position, won’t sag over time, has no springs, and comes with a 100-night free trial period for you to make sure that it does indeed suit you.

Delivery is free, returns within those 100 days are free, and you will have a 10-year warranty to rely on.

As an indication, the Queen size is $1,395 but is regularly discounted.

Why buy a mattress in a box?

Mattresses are so important to how well we sleep, which contributes significantly to our general feeling of well-being during our day.

Choosing the right one for you is difficult, the problem being that you can’t really test it out until you have it home and use it for a few nights.

Buying a mattress in a box is a totally online process so you will be relying on the product descriptions and specifications, as well as consumer reviews, to make your choice. 

No opportunity to see it or lie on top of it before you get it home. But the direct from the manufacturer to you purchasing process translates to savings by cutting out the middleman retailer. 

You also get a huge free trial period with some offering up to 125 nights. 

That's over 4 months to test the mattress out and see if it's for you. 

Most boxed mattresses are made of quality memory foam as well as pocket springs in some brands and are compressed to be shipped in a surprisingly small box.

Once released from their plastic seal they slowly expand to full size. They are generally reported to be just as supportive and comfortable as traditional mattresses. There may be a small smell for the first few days, it's normal. 

Mattress in a box is fast becoming a very popular option especially with students and those needing a mattress quickly, i.e. moving into a new house.

 There are plenty of brands to choose from and many different constructions to suit different sleeping and body needs.

Foam vs pocket spring mattress explained

There are a lot of different opinions on which type of mattress is superior: foam versus pocket spring.

Modern memory foam is a material which responds to your body’s heat to shape itself around and support you.

It is very firm to lie on initially but has a nice feel around your entire body as it responds to you and tends to keep you quite still throughout the night.

But they can feel quite warm, especially in the hotter months, and it is quite an expensive material. They require an under-support layer of firmer polyfoam to support your body properly.

Sprung mattresses are what we are used to traditionally. They do feel more reactive to your body initially, are available in a range of configurations designed to provide support to different body types and preferences and are (generally) a cheaper option than memory foam mattresses are.

There are a few different spring constructions, the newest being the pocket spring which are soft, individually wrapped coils designed to provide support similar to memory foam.

The pocket spring innovation has changed the game within the boxed mattress market. Memory foam has been the usual material of boxed mattresses from their original construction.

But now there are mattresses in a box which combine the two different construction choices (memory foam plus pocket springs).

This has meant that there is now no need to place an all-foam mattress on top of a firmer surface such as a solid box spring, slat base, or other platform bases, which many people have done, and probably still do.

That is still an option however if you find an online foam mattress you like and want to use a spring base for added support.

best mattress in a box nz

How does a mattress in a box work?

The magic behind the mattress in a box phenomenon is all about the construction of the mattress.

Whether they are made from memory foam alone or a combination of foam and pocket springs, the mattress needs to be able to be compressed into the size of a smallish box and then be able to expand back into its original shape after unpacking.

Like the process of vacuum packing that we can do at home with a machine or vacuum cleaner, the mattresses are wrapped in plastic and then compressed as much as possible before being sealed and packed into a shipping box.

After delivery, you simply take off the plastic seal where you want the mattress to be located permanently and the mattress will slowly expand into its original shape over the following day or two.

How to choose the right mattress in a box?

Buying a mattress that is going to help you to sleep in a way which doesn’t exacerbate (or create) any issues with back, shoulder or neck pain is very important. The three important considerations are posture, support and comfort.

Posture and support are all about the alignment of your spine and neck in a good natural curvature (hopefully in a straight line from hips to the base of your skull).

This does not mean that you should but a mattress which doesn’t provide some ‘give’ around the heavier parts of your body, ie the head, shoulders and hips. Without some give the spine will curve and create pain and stiffness. The mattress should not be too firm or too soft.

Comfort is the way you feel when lying in bed. You should not experience any ‘hotspots’ ie any areas on your body where you experience pressure and soreness, aches or pain. You should feel relaxed, supported and comfortable through your entire body.

Now clearly it is impossible to choose a mattress online which you can try first. So it's imperative that you understand your own body and what sort of mattress type suits your particular body needs, for example, Firm, Medium-Firm, Medium, Hybrid, Latex, Memory Foam.

Mattresses in a box will come with a trial period – it's important not to be afraid to use that period to ensure that the mattress does, in fact, meet your needs.