Best Kodi Add-On’s For New Zealand (Including Setup Guide)

Are you bored of normal TV and looking for something different? You might have heard of Kodi, a media player developed for devices running Android and available through stores such as Play, Samsung and LG.

While many companies see Kodi as an app used by for copyright infringement, it does have a lot of genuine uses and today we're going to show you the best Kodi add-on's for New Zealanders.

If you're ready to ditch the Satellite TV connection then buy yourself an android smart TV and download Kodi, then install these addons and start enjoying TV again!

All these addons are legal, some require a VPN.

How to get Kodi?

You need to navigate to the app store on your Android device of choice. This could be a Smart TV, media player or simply your own laptop.

I personally recommend using a Xiaomi Mi Box.

Kodi is a 100% free plugin, supported by a community of developers.

Best Kodi Add-On’s For New Zealand

Best Kodi Add-Ons New Zealand

Most of these apps are created by reputable developers and your username and passwords are securely encrypted and won’t be seen by them at all.

With that said, ensure you protect yourself by choosing a password that is completely different from your email password for security.

1. Spark Sports Kodi Add-On

With the rugby world cup just around the corner, Spark Sports couldn’t even launch their own apps for most Android TV’s in time. A lone ranger, called Matt Huisman managed to create a Kodi plugin for Spark Sports within a few months.

You’ll need an activate Spark Sports account, so sign up for your free trial.

Next download the Spark Sports Kodi Add-On and you’ll get all the same great content on any device.

Currently Spark Sports don’t have apps for their service on TV brands such as Sony, LG or Hisene so with this Kodi Add-On you don’t need to wait for them to get their act together.

2. Bein Sports Connect Kodi Add-On

Want to watch Bein Sports on your TV or media player of choice? Well now you can with the Kodi Add-On for their platform.

You’ll need an account, but you can get rid of Sky if you want their app on your big screen TV, using your internet connection and any android player.

Once you’re ready, download the Bein Connect Kodi Add-On.

Quality is exactly the same as if you were to use their smartphone app and cast to your TV, except it’s far more reliable.

It’s also much easier to find what you’re looking for with one long list of streams and replays.

3. Kayo Sports Kodi Add-On

Kayo Sports is like Spark Sports but on steroids. It’s also available to Australian internet users only but with a VPN you can easily bypass the geo restriction put in place.

Creating a Kayo Sports account is quite tricky as you require a local phone number for activating the account however following this guide can show you how to deal with that situation.

Once you’ve got an account, downloading the Kayo Sports Kodi plugin is a piece of cake and you’ll be able to stream over 25 different sports easily.

Best VPN For Kayo Sports

  • The #1 VPN tried and tested with Kayo is
  • It’s also the cheapest, most affordable VPN for Kiwis
  • They offer 2500 servers in 140 countries
  • It costs less than $2 per month (yearly).

4. Foxtel Now Kodi Add-On

If you consider the price you’d pay for satellite TV, Foxtel Now is far cheaper and offers a ton of content. For under $40 per month you can get their lifestyle and sports packs which include over 50 sports and a dozens news and lifestyle channels.

Again, you need an Australian Internet connection, so buying a VPN is a smart idea and will bypass the geo restrictions put in place in seconds.

The Foxtel Now Kodi Addon is simple to use and displays a long list of live and replay channels which makes searching for content a breeze.

Now you know the best kodi addons for New Zealand, checkout our other guides.