Best Inokim Scooter Review

Inokim is one of the leading brands when it comes to electric scooters and it's easy to see why. Offering a stylish range of models, combined with high quality components, they are the brand to buy right now. 

If you've read our guide on the best electric scooters, you'll see how fond we are of the Inokim range. 

Over the past few weeks, my journalists have been reviewing the five newest models, including the world famous OXO Super and the Super Light 2. We also tested the Micro and the Quick 3+. 

Today we'll be looking at the best Inokim scooter you should buy. 

What is Inokim?

Inokim electric scooters is an Israel based company that has designed and created some of the world's best e scooters available in over 30 countries.

The pioneers believed there was a need for a light urban mobility alternative. Until Inokim arrived, the thought of a folding electric scooter was unheard of.

The brand launched in 2009 under the brand MyWay but in more recent years changed to Inokim and is still based out of Tel Aviv, Israel.

They now have franchises all over the world including Australia and New Zealand with sales surpassing over 50,000 units per year in 2017.

It's clear this is a brand that isn't going anywhere. Each model features rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, like those powering Telsa's and other hybrid cars all over the planet. 

Best Inokim Scooter Review

1. Inokim OX Super

best inokim scooter nz

Not a scooter for the faint-hearted, the Inokim OX Super is a powerful machine for off-road riding experiences a well as getting to and from school or work.

With a powerful 800W brushless motor housed in the rear wheel powered by a Lithium-Ion battery and a large footbed, this is an adult scooter by anyone's standards.

The scooter's torque and acceleration are excellent for all-purpose riding, and it quickly reaches its top speed of around 45 km/hour.

The range you’ll achieve from the scooter on a single charge is between 80 - 100 km depending on the speed you're going.

The handlebars are wide, sturdy and comfortable, with good response time and handling around corners and so on.

The suspension arms are adjustable for purpose, so you can raise or lower the deck to suit the conditions you’re riding in by adjusting the suspension arms. This is a patented design feature of Inokim scooters.

The 10” pneumatic tyres are also great for suspension and handling and look like expensive mag wheels. All up the combination makes you feel like you’re floating above the ground.

The scooter has a rear brake only system.

The LCD screen monitor is easily accessible on the handlebar and shows you all your travel data including speed, battery level, distance travelled, etc.

The scooter weighs around 28kg and easily folds down for comfortable transportation and storage.

2. Inokim Super Light 2

The Inokim Super Light 2 scooter is a great commuting solution for those who don’t drive, or prefer not to drive, to and from work or school but want to get there pretty quickly and without too much rubbing of shoulders with the masses.

It’s also an awesome off-road scooter for some fun on the weekends.

This particular model scooter takes about 100kg of weight and has a top speed of around 35km/hour. It has a range per charge of around 35 km. 

The Lithium-Ion battery pack is all contained neatly within the front of the deck itself and the charger port easily accessed through a closed tab at the top. Charge time is about six hours from flat to fully charged.

The tyres are CST pneumatic for good suspension and speed, and the scooter has a dual drum brake system front and rear for added safety.

There are halogen lights attached to both front and rear mudguards, and the footbed is made of a lightweight yet sturdy aluminium for strength, durability and easy transportation when folded. The grip strip on the deck is an important safety feature.

The computer module on the handlebar tells you all the information you need about your trip including speed and odometer and also allows you to set speed rates like cruise control.

There are quite a few safety features, including the need to have the rear wheel (where the 350W motor is housed) turning to use the throttle.

3. Inokim Quick 3+ Super

The Quick 3+ Super scooter from Inokim is designed for the commuter and is a step up from the Super Light 2 with a larger 450W geared brushless motor on the rear wheel for faster and more responsive torque, acceleration and grunt in hillier areas of your trip or when the wind picks up.

You’ll notice the difference when you step on to the footbed of this scooter. That’s because it’s larger than what you’re used to and that’s great for both comfort and stability.

Take advantage of the optional adjustable seat and you’ll float to work in style and without any effort.

The 10” pneumatic tyres provide a smoother ride as well.

Weighing only 17kg itself the scooter will hold anyone weighing up to 120kg. It folds down, with an integrated handle in the deck, to be transported short distances or easily stored away.

The 48V Lithium-ion battery charges from drained in just 5 hours and gives you a range of roughly 45km. The top speed is 30km/hr.

The dual braking system gives you more safety than previous Inokim scooters have had, and reflectors and LED lights on the front and rear mudguards keep you seen and visible at night.

The computer module shows you all the important travel information you need, and you have three power modes to select from: economy, standard and turbo.

This is a really nice scooter for commuting with some new features to excite.

4. Inokim OXO Super

Although similar in many respects to the previous model from Imokin, the OX scooter, the OXO Super is a very powerful improvement on that.

With a large 60V (25.8 Amp) lithium-ion battery and dual 1000W brushless motor hubs in both the front and rear, the scooter can travel up to 110km between charges.

The motors can peak at 1300W giving the rider extra speed than the previous model did, although the pre-set top speed in New Zealand is 25km/hr. 

The acceleration and torque are significantly greater than the OX, with a more sensitive throttle to adjust to but fantastic to experience once you have.

The deck is the same as the previous model, with a wide platform for your feet to be comfortable and your entire body to be stable even on rugged terrain.

The 10” x 2.5” pneumatic tyres are ideal for both street and off-road riding adventures, while the adjustable suspension arms supporting the deck above the wheels are also stronger for more support when you’re riding off-road.

There are stronger hydraulic disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels which ensure a smooth safe trip without the risk of tipping over the front of the scooter in a sudden stop situation.

The Auto motor shut off function is also a great safety feature.

This scooter features rubber grip handles which are a lot more comfortable than the foam ones on the OX.

All the cables are neatly and safely wrapped in plastic braiding to keep the scooter looking clean and to prevent accidental damage to the wiring.

The LCD control unit is still located on the handle and shows speed, cruise control, distance, battery status and other travel information.

The scooter carries approximately 130kg in weight, and itself weighs 32kg. Folding and unfolding is quick and easy.

5. Inokim Mini 2

Specifically designed to fill a gap in the market for first and last mile commuters, the Inokim Mini scooters were released in 2017 for those who just wanted to use a scooter for the beginning and end of their trip to and from work, school or whatever.

The minis are extremely lightweight and portable, folding down into a compact size for carrying on public transport and storage at work etc during the day.

The Mini 2 is the latest version and incorporates some attractive new features including a revolutionary rear suspension system for an incredibly smooth ride.

 The system involves the use of a hinge and a rubber elastomer to create a shock absorber which limits vertical movement to under an inch. Quite remarkable. It removes impact on both the rider and the rear motor.

The new Mini 2 also has a master on/off button located next to the charging port to remove some of the complexity from the LCD control panel.

Other features of the scooter are an adjustable handlebar height, inbuilt USB charging port for your smart devices, trolley wheels for transportation (no carrying involved), vertical standing to save space, and front and rear mechanical braking system.

The 250W gearless motor will reach up to speeds of 25kms per hour with a range of up to 25kms fully charged. The 6” wheels are of different types: the front is a pneumatic tyre and the rear a solid one.

The maximum weight the Mini 2 will carry is 75kgs so that is a little limiting.

The Mini 2 is a great alternative to walking that last mile, especially if you have a briefcase to carry with you.

From The Editor

All the scooters featured here were bought or leased by Ki-wi without financial gain for the purpose of this review.

The comments mentioned are our views based on actual use. 

Inokim can be purchased online from Auckland based, Electric Rider who offer fast nationwide shipping and after sales support. You may need to backorder, but you'll get a free helmet worth $$$. 

How much do Inokim scooters cost?

Inokim scooters vary in price from $1250 for the Mini 2, through to $1995 for the Light 2, $2,195 for the Quick 3+ and $2,895 for the OX Super.

The OXO Super costs upwards of $3,000 due to it's off road capability. 

These prices usually are negotiable through retailers and may include free gifts such as helmets or knee pads, as well as extended warranties and/or coupon codes such as 5 or 10% off. 

Many of the expensive scooters may be subject to backorders so get in early if you're looking for Christmas or Birthday presents. 

What brand of scooter does lime use?

Lime in New Zealand partners with Segway and use custom scooters. If you're impressed with Lime, then you'll love Inokim as they are often well known as a more technologically advanced company. 

After testing other scooters, the ES2 is very similar to a lime scooter. 

What's the best Inokim scooter?

After conducting tests into the full line up of Inokim scooters, we believe the OX Super is the best Inokim scooter. However, depending on your budget and requirements, the Inokim Super Light 2 is also a firm favourite.