5+ Best Dirt Bike Tours in New Zealand

Vast grassy plains, bubbling brooks and alpine mountains, New Zealand has some of the most beautiful dirt bike tracks in the world. The best dirt bike tours in New Zealand will take you all over this stunning country, for the most amazing adventurous experience.

With such diverse terrains, spectacular views and ample farmland, it's no wonder New Zealand is the place to be for a truly unforgettable and exhilarating dirt bike adventure.

Whether you're a beginner looking to try something new, or an experienced dirt bike rider searching for your next challenge, the following tours have something for everyone!

So if you're looking for an absolutely unique insight into New Zealand's back country and rural areas, as well as a fun and exciting dirt bike riding experience, the following article has listed the top 5 tours in the country to ensure the adventure of a lifetime.

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Best Dirt Bike Tours NZ

best dirt bike tours nz

1. Pure Dirt Tours

  • Location: Rotorua 
  • Price: From $350
  • Tours: Half/Full/Multi

Pure Dirt Tours is a New Zealand owned and operating dirt bike tour provider that offers a range of packages to suit all budgets and experience levels. 

This adrenalin pumping experience can be tailored to suit groups who are ready for the ride of their life exploring various terrains of the beautiful New Zealand countryside. There are three tours available that are all off road which means no licence is required.

Safety protection gear and a complete riding kit is provided, and all tours are led by experienced riders who will allow you to explore at your own pace. Dirt bikes provided are current model Kawasakis and Yamahas and include a range of kids’ bikes. The half day tour costs $350 and is suitable for ages 15 years and older. Riders will experience picturesque farm scenery and a variety of landscapes that include jumps.

The full day tour costs $570 and runs from 9am until 5pm. Riders will tour a farm on their bikes and then head out to the bike park for a day of open trail riding on trails that are personalised to suit the group. A stop for refreshments and lunch is included.

The 3-day ride costs $2295 and takes riders to the tops of mountains to experience amazing views of the Rotorua Lakes. This tour is all-inclusive and will be an experience riders will never forget.

2. Adventure Trail Rides

  • Location: Christchurch
  • Price: From $325
  • Tours: Half/Full/Multi

Adventure Trail Rides offers dirt bike, quad bike and off-road motorcycle tours in Springfield, New Zealand, which is 55 minutes from Christchurch on the South Island.

With a large range of trail bikes, motorcycles and quad bikes, riders can experience a thrilling ride through the scenic countryside of New Zealand, whether they are experienced riders or jumping on a bike for the first time.

Dirt bike tours vary in duration from half a day to 5 days. Riders will experience a range of terrain and stunning scenery and views. Half day tours include 3 hours of riding and cost from $95 to $325, and full day mountain off-road tours go for 6 hours and cost from $195 to $535.

These take place at Mt Torlesse on a huge property of more than 6000 acres where trails will be selected to suit the preferences and experience levels of the group.

Multi-day tours go for 2 days, 4 days or 5 days. In the 2-day tour, riders will start at the mountains and end at the sea, enjoying rugged forest terrain and mountain views. The tour costs $895 for riders bringing their own bike.

Hiring rates varying depending on bike chosen and start at $1675 for bikes up to 250cc.  The 4-day tour prices start at $3555 (or less to bring your own bike). There are two 5-day tours with prices starting at $3775 (or less to bring your own bikes). These also cover high country in alpine areas with stunning views. 

3. Off Road Adventures

  • Location: Queenstown
  • Price: From $309
  • Tours: Half/Full/Multi

Off Road Adventures offer quad bike and dirt bike tours in Queenstown, New Zealand. With over 25 years providing exhilarating fun across 11,000 acres of breathtaking scenery and challenging terrain, riders are in for an unforgettable experience.

Tours are customised to suit the experience levels and preferences of each group, with exciting options like mountain climbs, jumps, berms and river crossings. No licence is required but riders need to be competent and older than 16 years of age. 

Bikes and protection gear are provided, and all tours are led by qualified and experienced riders. There are two tours available. The High Country Trail Ride costs $309 per person and includes 1 and a half hours of riding through the Kawarau Gorge mountains. Bikes provided are DRZ 125-250’s but upgrades are available at a fee.

Riders will leave from Queenstown at 1pm and should leave 3 hours for the round trip. At least 2 riders are required to book this tour.

The Adventure Touring tours vary in duration from half, full and multi-day with prices differing per option. These can be tailored to meet the requests of each group and have the option of including accommodation, meals, support vehicles, transfers and more.

Riders will experience action-packed tours that offer a unique and fun way to explore the beautiful countryside of New Zealand and will provide many unforgettable memories. 

4. Thunder Cross Valley

  • Location: Glen Murray, AKL 
  • Price: From $30
  • Tours: Dirt Bike Park

Thunder Cross Valley is a dirt bike park set on 750 acres in Glen Murray on New Zealand’s North Island. It has been providing exciting dirk bike adventures since 1999 and has trails to suit all levels of experience.

No motorbike licence is required, and riders can bring their own bikes or hire one of the highly maintained and powerful bikes available at the dirt park. Protective gear is also provided but boots cost $10 to hire if required.

Tuition is available for groups as well as individuals who will be shown the ropes by qualified and experienced motorbike riders.  Riders are able to stay overnight if they wish either at the homestay on site or by setting up camp. Otherwise there are a range of accommodation options located nearby.

Male adult riders bringing their own bikes are charged $30 to use the park, whereas females are free in order to promote more female riders. Season passes are also available which cost $450 for an adult and $350 for a youth, with 5-year passes also on offer at $2000 for an adult and $1500 for a youth.

Prices for hiring a bike are for the full day and are $300 for an adult and start at $150 for children from the age of 5. Adults accompanying a child who is on a hire bike costs $150. 

5. Dirt Bike Tours

  • Location: Queenstown 
  • Price: From $459
  • Tours: Half/Full/Multi

Dirt Bike Tours offer dirt biking experiences through the stunning mountains of New Zealand’s South Island. Tours are tailored to suit the preferences and riding ability of each group and include a mix of narrow, precise terrain or a more relaxed, free flowing pace.

No rider will have time to be uninterested with a combination of mountain climbs, crossing rivers, jumps and other entertaining and challenging features that spike the adrenalin and create a journey that will not be forgotten in a hurry.

Riders can bring their own bikes or hire one of the meticulously maintained and latest model Yamahas that the company has available.

Safety gear is provided, and riders will be under constant guidance of professional and experienced instructors to ensure a safe and enjoyable adventure.

Groups are kept small to maintain a personal experience and everything is organised so that all riders have to worry about is staying on their bike and enjoying the beautiful scenery of this picturesque location.

Multi-day tour prices start at $850 NZD per day per person. At least 4 people are required to make a group multi-day booking and no random individual riders will be added to these groups.

Half day and full day tours are also available and start at $459 NZD per person for a half day and $799 per person for a full day. These can be run for groups of 2 or 3.