Best Dentists In Auckland For 2020 (Smile & Save Money)

Are you looking for the best dentists in Auckland? After years of visiting different dentists, we decided to put together our top picks for the best Auckland based dentists to suit a wide range of budgets, services and requirements.

Whether you're looking for a simple checkup, a filling, teeth whitening or something a little more serious such as a tooth extraction or crown, we've got some top recommendations for you to checkout.

While there's definitely a lot more dentists out there, these are the highest rated in terms of reviews, ratings online and social media posts. 

1. The Fono Dental

  • Location: Auckland CBD 
  • Hours: 8.30am - 5pm 
  • Phone: 09 302 2496
  • Why: Highly Rated Online

Fono Dental and Medical is located in Auckland CBD and is a community health centre, that's part of a chain. However you'll want to head down to the Wyndham Street location for the best reviews and ratings online. 

They offer a range of dental services which are also available in their Manurewa clinic as well. These include a range of check-ups, consultations, dental x-rays, clean scale and polish, dentures, crowns and bridge work, extractions and fillings, teeth whitening and for those with anxiety they offer IV sedation here too. 

They offer affordable dental services and are a proven leader in delivering health outcomes for people who need it most. 

2. Alpers Dental

  • Location: Epsom
  • Hours: 8am - 5pm
  • Phone: 09 524 5056
  • Why: Membership

Alpers Dental is another highly rated Auckland dentist. Their main claim to fame is their Smile Protection plan which offers up to 40% off preventative dental care and 10% off all dental treatments. 

Membership costs $120 per year or $150 for up to 5 people in one family. It's a pretty good deal if you've got a large family, as you can save a lot of money. 

They offer a range of general dental services such as amalgam removal, cerec, dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. Additionally they offer dental hygiene, flourosis and therapy. 

Alpers dental also offer orthodontics services, teeth whitening and kids treatments, as well as assistance with snoring, sleep apnoea and dentures. 

You can book an appointment online, but also via their phone number. They offer finance through Q Card and are highly rated on social media. 

3. Symonds Street Dental

  • Location: Grafton
  • Hours: 7.30am - 4pm
  • Phone: 09 379 7380
  • Why: 60 Years+

Symonds Street Dental is one of the oldest in the country, having been open for over 60 years and being based in it's currently location since 1994. 

They offer a complete range of services using state of the art technology. They prefer to open early in the morning to catch those looking for appointments before work, choosing to close at 4pm instead. 

They offer a small team with 2 dentists and 3 hygienists, helping to add a personal touch to your next dental appointment. 

They currently publish their pricing on their website, so you're not surprised when you get your invoice, like some other providers.

You can expect to pay $135 for a new consultation, or $70 for a recall exam. Various pricing is in place for fillings, crowns, extractions, hygienist visits and implants. 

Bookings can be made online or over the phone. 

4. Parnell Family Dental

  • Location: Parnell
  • Hours: 9am - 7pm
  • Phone: 09 379 0709
  • Why: Kids Club

Auckland Family Dental Parnell is a family based general practice with over 20 years experience providing dental services to clients. They pride themselves on caring about your teeth and their 'kid's club' for younger patients. 

They offer a range of services from their Parnell based location, which is close to public transport links and a large free on site parking facility. 

They've chosen to open later and close later, allowing for appointments for those who might be finishing work at 4 or 5pm and need an appointment. 

They offer two dentists and one hygienist, backing up their small boutique style dental practice. 

They have many positive reviews online. 

5. Accent Dentists

  • Location: Ponsonby
  • Hours: 8am - 5.15pm 
  • Phone: 09 376 4374
  • Why: Good reviews

This boutique style dental practice focuses on cosmetic surgery but also offers general dentistry services as well. 

They are only open 4 days per week between 8am to 5.15pm but do have a large number of positive reviews online as well as social media. 

It's rare to see a dental practice with so many positive reviews, but Accent has managed to retain 5 stars after 165 reviews. 

They offer an extensive website where you can learn about your procedures as well as an interactive booking form in real time. 

They are one of the few that block out specific appointment times for those that may need urgent appointments such as toothache or lost fillings. 

How To Choose The Best Dentist? 

What makes a good dentist is different for everyone. For me, it's feeling good about going, not living through a nightmare waiting for the pain. 

Do your own research and check online reviews for the dentist you're thinking of going too. Do they have positive reviews? If negative, what are people complaining about? 

It's easy to say don't go somewhere with a few negatives, but why are people complaining? It might be a case of one sour apple who asked their friends and family to leave similar comments, or it could be a genuine repetitive problem and you'd probably want to avoid that dentist. 

The best dentist will probably be mid range, you probably don't want the cheapest dentist, as that can come with it's own issues, such as a filling falling out, or the technology not being up to date.

Dentists have to invest a lot, hence the higher price. The equipment, the rental on their inner city practice, as well as the insurance they must pay in case in the unlikely hood something goes wrong! 

You should call around and get some quotes and if you've got lots of work, go to a few different dentists and get quotes. 

Choosing a practice that's close to your work or house is also important, you don't want to drive home after a tooth extraction so you'll need to be in close proximity via taxi or public transport. 

You can read more here

How Much Should The Dentist Cost? 

You can pay a fortune for the dentist if you're not careful so be sure to get a quote before hopping in the chair. This covers your own expectations and avoids any complications during the payment process. 

You can usually expect to pay $120 - $150 for new consultations. These include x-rays and an oral treatment plan as well as a check up. It's expensive for most but some providers offer this for free to new clients. 

You can expect to pay $60 - $120 for a consultation or checkup which usually includes x-rays and general advice. 

A trip to the hygienist for a full clean can range from $120 - $200. 

Fillings can vary hugely depending on the practice. Some only offer white fillings while others offer black for cheaper prices. You can pay anywhere from $200 - $500 depending on the location of the filling, depth and complexity. 

Crowns again can vary significantly but prices from $1250 upwards is expected. The average would be around $1500 - $2000. 

Tooth extractions can be done for around $250 - $400 with wisdom teeth usually being around $400 - $500 depending on their complexity. This is still much cheaper than going to the hospital on private health cover. 

Implants for single teeth can be upwards of $5,000. 

Compared to overseas, the prices are much higher. This is why so many people consider Thai dental tours. 

How Do I Find A Cheap Dentist? 

If you're looking for a cheap dentist in Auckland then you're going to be struggling. After all, it's the largest and most populated area in New Zealand.

You should search online for free welcome offers or check ups. This will help you save money on your first consultation and can help you with a treatment plan.

You should also checkout Groupon and deal sites such as Treatme and Grabone as dental practices regularly get featured here offering cheap dental offers such as checkups, fillings and clean/scales.