car insurance for convicted drivers nz

Best Car Insurance For Convicted Drivers New Zealand

A moment of madness on New Zealand roads can cost you a small fortune over the coming years. A conviction with drink driving, dangerous driving or careless driving will see most car insurance companies refusing to insure you.

Losing your license makes you a high risk target for future insurers to cover you. The majority of drivers with a criminal conviction ultimately go on to get another or end up in prison so the risk is much higher.

This can cause problems when you get back behind the wheel but don’t worry there are many options out there, it might just cost you at least double in monthly installments. So without further a do let’s get started.

Best Car Insurance For Convicted Drivers

Best Car Insurance For Convicted Drivers New Zealand

NAC Insurance

NEC is the best car insurance for convicted drivers and offer a range of cover options to suit you, the car you drive, and your budget. They also insure high-performance and modified vehicles, under 25’s, and people with driving convictions.

As like any insurance you’re individual circumstances will reflect the monthly quote so you should checkout their website or give them a ring for an official quotation.

NAC offers road side cover:

  • Ready to help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from almost anywhere in New Zealand. Call 0800 200 566 for assistance
  • We help you retrieve keys from locked vehicles, jump-start flat batteries, change flat tyres, or provide fuel when you’ve run out.
  • If we can’t get your vehicle mobile again, we’ll tow it to the nearest repairer or safe place for you.
  • Full access to the service when you take out a comprehensive car insurance policy.


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