How To Access The Dark Web In New Zealand (Securely)

how to access dark web nz how to access dark web nz

The dark web is a place few venture without good reason but you may have overheard people talking about it, or simply want to check it out for yourself. Accessing the dark web isn’t a crime, it was actually created by the US military many years ago as a way to communicate behind closed doors.

Today, the dark web is only accessible through a special browser called Tor (free to download) and by using web url’s ending in .onion. The problem is that you need to know the URL of the website you’re planning on visiting as search engines are few and far between.

how to access dark web nz


Most URL’s are long and difficult to remember, so saving a copy of the most popular dark web url’s is definitely recommended. You can even use some basic search engines but there is nothing like Google or Bing on the dark web.

It’s true, you can buy and sell pretty much anything on the dark web, everything from illicit class A-C drugs, hitmen, guns and everything in between. The currency of choice on the dark web is bitcoin and other untraceable currencies.

There are many infamous platforms operating on the dark web that have ultimately been shut down by the FBI including the silk road and alpha bay. These platforms allow criminals all over the world to sell their services in exchange for a small fee.

Now, remember, it’s not illegal to access the dark web and if you’re curious you can get started within a complete of minutes. I don’t need to tell you that buying anything on this platform should be avoided and you do so at your own risk.

Law enforcement regularly set up sting operations on the dark web and that product you’re buying could be an undercover NZ Police officer. Also, there are many websites on there that are purely set up to scam you, for example, you send your BTC and you’ll get absolutely nothing in return.

The dark web operates on a trust and loyalty basis so you need to start small before dropping a large amount into a product or service you’re buying.

How To Access The Dark Web NZ

The first step is to remain completely hidden and while Tor claims to be a secure browser that is pretty much untraceable however I always recommend getting a VPN for peace of mind.

You can actually buy Pure VPN for 2 years for only $59 and this will ensure your identity online remains a secret as long as the software is turned on.

Once you’ve downloaded your VPN, change your location to an offshore country like Russia, Netherlands or Hong Kong.

Next head over to Tor and download the browser. This is a free install and will take a few minutes to download and install.

Now you want to start the Tor browser and then look for web URL’s to search for. You can click here and get a list of most of the popular .onion domains.

Now you’re all set up to start enjoying the dark web. I’d go in with an open mind as there are some seriously messed up websites on this platform.

You’ve been warned.


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